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Shree Hanuman Chalisa along with “Bajrang Baan” has been a shield for the sadhus. Hanuman Chalisa is a shield against negative powers. Hanuman Chalisa helps the aspirant by protecting them from daemons, ghosts, bloodthirsty predators, jinn, and all other lesser life forms.The Lord always wishes for his followers to rise above the plains of existence and free the soul. But the attractive human vehicle gets all the attention from negative powers. They try to harm him/her all the time. The Hanuman Chalisa gives us the weapon to summon lord . He ferociously descends upon such evil. And take them prisoner or eliminate them with surety. So until you find a true master to take you beyond the three planes. Hanuman Chalisa can be of help, and protect you. True masters are above time and dynamism (Kala and Maya). They wield god powers but stay discreet. Seeking one should be the goal of every human’s life.

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lord hanuman, carrying the sanjeevani booti, at hanuman chalisa

 Hanuman Chalisa & Spirituality:

Insurance of your soul & life, can only be through a protective cover of lord’s power.The human vehicle is a precious incarnation for the soul. This body can help her rise above the three plains of creation. The human body houses replica of the complete creation to enable complete salvation. The three realms in order of vibration of matter and space- physical plane (our universe) astral plane, and mental plane, are all a trap for the soul. The soul has been trapped with the layer of energy consuming conscious (our conscious self, it’s like a software, loaded in the hardware of brain). So protect yourself from evil, play Hanuman Chalisa and find a true master for initiation.

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You can play the track form link above. You could sing along. Even if you do not understand Hindi/Sanskrit. You could play the full playlist loud and try singing along. If you want evil to leave your house.  Just play the tracks loud enough to be heard in each corner of the house. Play the playlist once in morning, and evening or all day!  You could print and place Lord’s photo in your prayer room, or living room.

Hanuman Chalisa Video with waterfall background (Full HD):

Now this is exclusively made by us, also available on youtube, linking requires backlink to us. A soothing waterfall in rainy mist. Youtube link: Waterfall Hanuman chalisa


Why Hanuman chalisa?

There is no other power in the 3 planes who has access to absolute power. Being assigned the apex protection role. The lord cannot be overcome by any evil. Death or time cannot touch him. He masters the full 100% range of supernatural powers. If you consistently pray and recite the Chaleesa with love, there is no negative power, that ever existed or will exist, that can stand up against him! So play them everyday. Cleanse your home or office this way.

We wish you good luck, for a healthy, prosperous, and spiritually uplifting life, so indulge in good karma and write your destiny!panchmukhi hanuman, chalisa recitation mantra

Insure your life with good Hanuman Chalisa advice:

  • Recite the Hanuman Chalisa every Tuesday.
  • Never eat non-veg. (You become cause of the pain for a life. So you reap pain in return)
  • Never eat eggs. (Reproductive waste of a bird)
  • Quit that smoking stick. (intoxicates the mind)
  • Quit drinking(it intoxicates the mind)
  • Be faithful to your partner. Just keep a single one for life. (Drops your concentration to a lower level)
  • Do not disrespect others.
  • Do not indulge in blame game. Do not crib.


Some Important facts related to Hanuman, and the Chalisa.

  1. Indicative color: Saffron (saffron red)
  2. Weapon of choice: The Gada (ancient weapon)
  3. Auspicious day: Tuesday, you can recite all 7 days though.
  4. Planet: Mars
  5. Avatar of worship: Ram
  6. Reach: three planes
  7. Avatar: Vishnu/ Shiv
  8. Powers: Complete powers (absolute)
  9. Means of transport: Air (flying)
  10. Primary Objective: Custodian of freedom from ghosts and negative powers

(based on various religious sources)
hanuman chalisa

Success stories heard near and far*

This section reveals stories of people who got good luck, success and a better life once they started playing the Chalisa and following the vegetarian life (eating vegetarian food, not drinking or smoking and being faithful to your partner) Names may be hidden on request for privacy, you may also post your experience in forums.

 The Bhajans acted as Insurance for this man: Deep from Ahmadabad works in an MNC in New Delhi, today he is in good shape, financially and otherwise. Things were not great an year ago. He had lost his job. He was in heavy debt. He was living on his credit cards, defaulted on his home insurance, sold his car and lost all hope. “i did not know what to do, i was depressed and i had nothing to fallback to. I had threatening calls from recovery, no one would give me a job appointment. I had borrowed money from friends and family. I had suicidal thoughts all the time”. then one of his best friends asked him to regularly play the Artis and bajrang baan. “i did not believe in all this. But for the confidence in his tone, and desperate to try anything, i started playing and reciting the divine prayer, in a week i was back on my job” he says cheerfully. In a month, he was ready to fly to Canada for an assignment abroad. in five to six months, he had paid his credit cards, personal insurance, home insurance and loans from friends back! “you never know what negative energy might be affecting your life, the lord is the hero who can save you from such trouble” he says with assuring tone.

Saved from car accident

Ravi was driving from Delhi to Jaipur, he was playing the Hanuman Chalisa in his car as it was early morning on Tuesday. “i was quite sleepy as i had just ended my shift and was driving direct for a small trip, while playing the Chalisa i felt as if i was active and just had coffee or tea, then suddenly a big buffalo came in front of me” he exclaimed! “this part of the highway was under construction, and i cannot imagine what would have happened if i hit it.” he explained further. “i hardy missed it with a risky maneuver, lord had saved me!” He feels that the the divine acted like a savior against this accident in middle of NH8. What’s even scarier, is that i did not have car insurance, personal insurance or any property i inherit for my family, so it was a risky one! he concludes with a deep breath. Well this is not to say that you should not have insurance for yourself, at least your car insurance, home insurance and life insurance should be insured to the most basic levels.

*More stories once we get them! if you have one, do share on our forums

 hanuman chalisa

Hanuman Chalisa inspirations, what humanity should stand for?

What does our religion teach us? What any religion teaches it’s followers?hanuman-with-rama-sita-and-lakshmana

Every religion teaches love, emotional stability, respect for others, and other religions, tolerance, non-violence and harmonious human existence. Ultimate target of each religion is salvation of the soul through the above traits. But today religious leaders and followers have taken the opposite path. Take a simple example, if someone moves a brick from a religious building, which is man-made, these so called religious people will come down to killing that person, who is God-made. So in essence these people place more importance on something that is man made, and care the least about what is god made. This means that your creation is more important than god? This simply means you consider your ego and yourself higher than god! now then why are you rubbing your noses and lying down flat on entrances of such monuments thinking god is inside those? To such people, I ask: don’t you think you are a shame on human existence? Evolve, oh human, and get higher above these differences. for if you differentiate, you will be differentiated, when you die. You will know what worthless creature you have been all your life, but then it will be too late. One reason to start this website here is to wake people up, it is most definitely the mantra to ward off evil. But the worst evil is amongst us! the evil of envy, of hate, of prejudice, anger, hunger for power, that greed, that lust which translates into crime the moment we get intense about it!

The verses should be recited most of the days, but it is more important to understand what it all is about. It is about love of the devotee towards the lord. The devotee is at the lords feet because he wishes to not been acknowledged but he/she wishes to be close to the loved one, who is his/her god. It is this force of love that it is all about. all the negative energies, the deeds and karma will take one not closer, but way further from god. and why? we will come to that.

For the lord, a disciple reading the verses every day is no good if that person hates others, envies and harms others. A simple man/woman who is better at behavior, clean in thinking and genuinely honest is far more loved by the god than someone like above. So first clean your heart and prepare that place neat and tidy for the lord to enter. A dirty mind can never be cleansed no matter how many times you recite the verses. Until this person realizes that he/she has to clean the mind and heart, nothing can be accomplished in his/her life related to spirituality.

India has been an abode for the gods, saints, and masters. We live in a land of saints and gods. But alas, we have devils amongst us, crimes of heinous and hated degree happen amongst us. Worst still most of us close our eyes when we see crime. Inspiration and courage from this divine mantra should act as an enforcer for us to gain the strength not just to fight the evil in ghost form but also the evil in flesh. We should resist crime, help others on the spot, instead of avoiding and escaping. We are humans, even a crow will help another crow when attacked. To not resist a crime is equal to be a partner in crime. So next time you see someone in trouble, extend a hand, ask the parties about the situation. It is your very own business, because it is your society. It is your country, and every human being is your brother or sister. Similarly it also inspires us to gain the strength to fight for the rights of lesser forms of life, like animals. For protection of nature that the creator has made. So in essence it inspires us to love everyone and everything around us. To be a good citizen, then be a good human, then be a good soul.

All this being said, it is not easy to walk the right path. Your desires will push you, your mind will try to find a quick fix for things you need. For things you want this can be even more dangerous, after all wants are endless, while needs are few. You have to be strong in order to live the saints life. For this, seek the powerful force of god to help you. Seek to calm your mind by meditation. Try to avoid bad situations. Best way to do this is to avoid the company of bad friends. People who have bad habit but may be good otherwise. Always being in such company makes you feel that they are justified and pushes you to do the same things that they do. So stand your ground and learn to say no. Say no to bad habits, bad deeds, and bad company no matter how justified they feel.

By Mangal Kumar

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