Lord Hanuman wallpapers (calendars on Chalisa site)

hanuman wallpaper 1

Hanumanji wallpaper 1, Click for larger version (by Chalisa site)

hanuman wallpaper 2

Lord Hanuman wallpaper 2, Click for larger version (by Chalisa site)

hanuman wallpaper 3

Lord Hanuman wallpaper 3, click for larger version (by Chalisa Site)

Hanuman Wallpapers, how to use along with Chalisa:

  • Click on the image. larger version will appear. Right click on it and save it at a location on your computer.
  • Now open the image, right click and choose set as wallpaper.
  • You can also right click the Lord Hanuman wallpaper. Then click set as wallpaper.
  • You can also print the image.
  • Do not throw away the printed image. You need to release it in a running stream of water.
  • Try and live without a print, as environment is precious.
  • Join your hands. Recite the Hanuman chalisa with attention and focus at the area between your eyes. (with eyes closed )


You may also set it as a wallpaper for mobile after cropping to appropriate size! May the lord Hanuman guide you towards your spiritual development and material well being. Find best wallpapers and Chalisa collection on this website. It is said that keeping the wallpaper on your screen helps you protect yourself from evil influences to effect your work life. Even if we look at a practical scientific explanation: Keeping the lord’s wallpaper will have a calming effect. Instead of looking at negative images like “you know what i’m talking about” It’s always a better option. Along with Chalisa it helps avoid those lusty thoughts and random fits of negative emotions. So for those people who have a problem with their emotions, it will help you focus better on good things in life. Listening to Chalisa will make you a better person if you implement the good things mentioned in the Bhajans in your life.

Mobiles have a wide resolution range so we did not really go into making the mobile version too much. Although making a mobo version is a quick easy step, you can use any editor like the gimp. Just open the image and resize and crop it for your model’s image resolution, then upload from your computer to phone. Some phones will have the required apps to do in screen setup as wallpaper, for others you can download from google store.

You have any Hanuman wallpapers of your own that you want to share? Please send us the link or email the page to us. We will be happy to share that with our users on this web page. If you have any sight suggestions, please feel free to email us. We appreciate and work towards improving the website at all times. Contact us and we will be glad to accept them.


May the mighty lord bless you with his protection against all evil and guide you towards light, may he enlighten your life and encourage you to seek the lord within, may you find the right path and prosper!